Friday, April 23, 2010

How I Got Started.....

A few years ago I got married and started to look for a creative outlet.  As I went to craft stores I found myself drawn to the quilts on display.  I began to wander through fabric stores admiring all of the beautiful prints and colors, dreaming of putting together my own quilts.

My first project began as I stood there admiring fabric yet again.  It was a christmas rag quilt for my couch (later I added matching pillow shams).  After designing, cutting, sewing and washing I knew I had found the creative outlet I was seeking for.

I was first inspired to piece a quilt when I saw a family member making a 'Stack n' Whack' quilt.  I just had to try that!  After reading a few instructions the quilt was under construction.  Soon after, I began following more complex patterns.  Now I have moved on to designing my own.  My love for designing and quilting has deepened with every stitch.

And now after much encouragement, I am presenting my work to others!  I hope you will enjoy my quilts.